We require that you register for the Trials as this gives us a means to contact you in the event of a schedule change, cancellations or added days. Please use the link above to register your player.


Black Watch Premier has revised its annual tryouts to a more professional and authentic training environment, one that is consistent with many professional youth academies across the globe. Our tryouts will now be called “trials” and this “trial window” is exactly that. Trialists are welcome as a “trial member” and experience the Club’s offerings through our team experience. At BWP, our teams train and compete throughout the summer in many age groups, so this trial window gives potential new members the opportunity to come into training and experience the training that is preparing the team for the upcoming competitive match. 

ALL TRIALS WILL BE HELD AT: TBD Please check back soon.

DATES: See below.

Local/Grassroots (U8 - U12 - Birth Years 2006-2010)June 20th, June 22nd, June 26th

Regional/National Flights (U13 - U18 - Birth Years 1999-2005): June 21st, June 27th and June 29th